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Perspectium integration replicates data from 10 production instances of ServiceNow into 4 SAP/HANA databases for analysis by Sales, Marketing, Finance, & other departments.



Perspectium provides always-current integrations that can fully scale and deliver large volumes of data at high throughput rates.


Fujitsu Managed Services

Perspectium provides secure integrations with full security, multiple encryption and obfuscation options and operations in keeping with all customer requirements.

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Find out what makes Perspectium different.

Seamless data integration and inter-application workflows are essential to keep businesses running smoothly 24/7.

To enable this, Perspectium provide intelligent data integration and synchronization tools helping ServiceNow customers make better use of their data. Automatically extract huge volumes of data and extend ServiceNow workflows into third-party applications and other ServiceNow instances.

And the best part? There's no noticeable impact to ServiceNow performance.

Our Resources



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Learn about the "federated system of record" and why it is considered the brain of service management


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Read how "ServiceNow" replicate more than 13 million transactions to SAP/HANA every day!