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Realize better response times and transparency of work being performed by your Development and Ops teams with a preconfigured service integration that bonds ITSM applications with Atlassian Jira or CA Agile Central to enable DevOps.


Provide Better Customer Service with Increased Visibility

Your IT development and operations teams have to work together every day, but the fact that they work in different applications makes that hard. Remove that barrier, and let your DevOps processes flow freely between tools with Perspectium.

Once you have seamless integration between ITSM and Development tools, everyone has a better understanding of what's going on - Dev teams understand the drivers behind the requests they are working on, and Ops teams are able to see the work going into fixing their issues - in real time, and without having to "swivel chair" between tools.

And that understanding even extends to your customers. No longer do they have to wonder when they will get their next update from the Development team - they can see all the work being done on their request using the same self-service interface they used to make their request in the first place.


Perspectium ServiceOps is a preconfigured service integration that bonds ITSM applications with Atlassian Jira Software or CA Agile Central (formerly Rally) for DevOps use cases. ServiceOps eliminates miscommunication between IT Operations and Development teams by automating common processes between them. As a result, your customers will realize better response times and transparency of work being performed for them.

  •  When applicable incident is created in your ITSM tool, create issue in Jira and bi-directionally
    synchronize from that point onwards
  •  When change request/change task is submitted in your ITSM tool, a Jira/Agile Central story/epic is
    automatically created and synchronized
  •  When a Jira/Agile Central story or task is created, optionally create change request in your ITSM tool

Inbuilt best practices get you up and running fast

Uniform, standard deployment leverages best practices from DevOps implementations

Native understanding of application data schemas

Including attachments, journal fields, hierarchical tables, and reference fields

Security and privacy right out of the box

Move data without sharing credentials, and even transform the data in-flight

Don't worry about application compatibility - that's our job

Your DevOps processes will run smoothly, even when you upgrade (or swap) tools!

Let your Dev and Ops teams use their tool of choice

Because data is automatically replicated, nobody has to switch between tools anymore

Be sure that your data gets to where you need it to be

High availability - even if temporary power and network outages get in the way

What are your DevOps integrations costing you today?

You are spending a lot more on DevOps integrations than you think. Our TCO calculator will figure out how much your integrations are costing you today - and tell you how much they could cost you with Perspectium.

DevOps Best Practices in Action

Palo Alto Networks, after integrating Jira and ServiceNow, could plan their development efforts better. And their customers have better visibility, no longer needing to check the status of their tickets in multiple tools or to search endlessly in their email. Watch the video to learn how Palo Alto Networks created a federated system of record.