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Big Data Integration at ServiceNow

ServiceNow® is the leading provider of service management, with solutions for every department in the enterprise including IT, human resources, facilities, field service and more. They needed to integrate CRM data from multiple production applications into their big data environment, providing business decision makers with real-time access to essential analytics data without creating a performance impact on their production environments.

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The Problem

The biggest challenge ServiceNow faced was scale. Their CRM solution is based on multiple ServiceNow instances, and needed real-time, simultaneous integration to their SAP/HANA databases.

Previous approaches relied on cumbersome web service calls, which created performance issues for the production servers, so a different approach was needed to handle the high volume of daily data transfers.

With business users relying on real-time data to make critical business decisions, ServiceNow called on Perspectium to provide an integration solution that met their needs.

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The Solution

Perspectium integration replicates data from 10 production instances of ServiceNow into 4 SAP/HANA databases for analysis by Sales, Marketing, Finance, and other departments.

Transactional data transfers feed 200+ dashboards and five predictive solutions in the big data environment. Production data alone accounts for about 20 million transfers per day – from more than 600 individual database tables – resulting in well over 2 billion records since project inception. And of course, this is all happening with negligible performance implications on the production servers thanks to the highly efficient Perspectium architecture.

ServiceNow integrations

The Payoff

The ServiceNow BI team can provide quick results to the business, able to turn around analytics requests in a few days thanks to the Perspectium ease of use and configuration. New integrations into additional business applications are being developed to extend the CRM solution capabilities, and better support ServiceNow’s customer growth. In the words of Venugopal Malyala – ServiceNow Senior Director of BI, MDM & Analytics:

“Everyone loves the product. It’s very easy to manage and we are able to provide quick results to the business - that is key”

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