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Backup and Restore for ServiceNow

DataSync Snapshot

Improve your ServiceNow backup and disaster recovery (BDR) capabilities with scheduled & automated backups of select data and rapid recovery.


ServiceNow-native application for business
and technical users

Fast Time to Value - Icon

Rapidly restore and create backups without performance impacts or downtime

Backup and Restore (1)

Recover in-full including metadata and attachments, or select only what you need

Set your own ServiceNow backup schedule

Set your own backup schedule, backup on demand, and keep backups for as long as required

ServiceNow-native application

Protect your data and apps against user error, malicious activity, accidental deletion, natural disasters, or viruses/ransomware, with a user-friendly ServiceNow-native application for BDR.


Automated and on-demand backups

Set an automated schedule for ServiceNow backups to your convenience, or backup on-demand as required.

Recover and restore with more control

Recover data beyond ServiceNow's 14-day backup retention period.

Restore an instance in-full - including metadata, attachments, related records and more - or partially restore from granular backups.

Locate backup versions quickly.

Condition-based filtering

Set conditions that only apply to the data you wish to backup using ‘And’ or ‘Or’ statements. Add new criteria as and when required.

ServiceNow Backup and Restore with DataSync Snapshot - FAQ

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