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Better Connectivity

Rapidly onboard new customers with eBonded, real-time connections that you don't have to maintain

Better Service Delivery

Deliver integrations, migrations, upgrades, and more - without consuming all your resources

Better Data Insight

Replicate your customer data from ServiceNow for data warehousing, BI, backup, archiving and more


Do unpredictable costs make it hard to maintain profit margins?

Is the process of onboarding new customers expensive, bespoke, and taking too long?

Does maintaining customer connectivity take significant effort?

Do you need to offer additional services to enable mid-contract upsells?

Are you challenged to obtain and share performance reporting with customers?

As a service provider, there are many reasons why you need to automate customer connectivity and data extraction. You probably want to rapidly onboard new customers without having to build (and maintain) bespoke integrations every time. You want to provide customers visibility into their requests and remain connected with them - even if they change tools. Perhaps you're looking for a secure way to automate sharing analytics, reporting, and benchmarking data with your customers and to deliver new value-added services such as migration and upgrade assistance.

At Perspectium, we help service providers move tens of millions of records every day - for a variety of reasons. And we offer the ONLY way to do this using your existing tools, with an almost insignificant performance impact.



Download the "Unrivaled Guide to Data Integration for Service Management"



Listen to "ZURICH" explain how integration is inevitable for a growing company


White Paper

Learn about the "federated system of record" and why it is considered the brain of service management


Case Study

Read how "ServiceNow" replicate more than 13 million transactions to SAP/HANA every day!

Unsilo ServiceNow Workflow

Automated Customer Connections

Perspectium Service Gateway helps you onboard new customers, and provide them with visibility into their requests, knowledge sharing and more - all within their existing ITSM tool - for an excellent customer experience.

Deliver New Value-Added Services

Perspectium products give you new ways to deliver value to your customers. You can adopt a business model around your ServiceNow practice that generates recurring revenue while leveraging best-in-breed data solutions as your own.

Unsilo ServiceNow Data

Amplify the Value of Your Service Data

Perspectium DataSync securely extracts data from your ServiceNow instance to deliver added value to you and your customers in the form of analytics, benchmarking, knowledge sharing, catalog management, business intelligence and more!

More than Integration

This is much more than integration ... it's Automation

Automation means that you can auto-create schemas and keep them in sync. It means that you can automatically discover data relationships (even hierarchical ones) between related items. It means that you can transform data at the source, and then distribute that data to multiple destinations. Automation also means your data movements are secure, auditable, highly available and monitored for throughput 24/7.

Helping MSPs at Every Step of the Customer Lifecycle

Service Quote

Protect Your Margins

Calculate pricing using known, predictable costs

Service Sale

Reduce Cost
of Sale

Alleviate security & privacy concerns and demonstrate best-practice blueprint approach

Service Implementation

Deliver Revenue Faster

Rapidly onboard customers - import knowledge articles, CMDB and more

Service Delivery

Avoid SLA & OLA Penalties

Ensure customer connectivity with guaranteed version compatibility

Service Enhancement

Upsell for More Revenue

Deliver additional services like benchmarking, migration, backup, upgrades & more

Service Renewal

Increase Renewals

With SLA reporting and performance dashboards


ServiceNow Transactions Enabled

by Perspectium