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Get Real Visibility into ITSM, CSM, HR, ITAM and ITOM

How Many of These Boxes Can You Check?

You need to be able to create Tableau reports that you can share across the company

Your BI team wants the ability to manipulate analytics, without needing to learn ServiceNow

You want to merge ServiceNow data with data from other enterprise applications

You need to run external analysis on ServiceNow data, without setting up another database

You want to collect (and report on) temporal views of your ServiceNow data

You can't manage what you can't measure - but measuring business functions automated with ServiceNow has always posed an interesting challenge ... do you use the limited inbuilt reporting capabilities in the product, and not get the insight that users really want? Or do you extract ServiceNow data into an external repository, and use real business intelligence tools to get the insight needed?

Many large organizations opt for the external approach, but that brings its own challenges. How to extract all the data needed without causing a performance impact to ServiceNow? How to keep database schemas synchronized with ServiceNow applications? Who will configure the external database for this reporting? How will you get started creating the BI views/reports that provide real insight into the service management data? How will you ensure that everyone is always working with current data?

Fortunately, Perspectium is the authority in ServiceNow data extraction - for every business need. Our DataSync technology was created by the founding developer from ServiceNow (our CEO, David Loo), and it's simply the best way to reliably, comprehensively extract ServiceNow data into pre-configured BI views - without impacting performance, and all from within a native ServiceNow app.

ServiceNow data extraction


  • Insight into your ITSM, CSM, HR, ITOM and ITAM processes
  • Includes Tableau cloud data repository
  • Pre-configured data extracts, paired with pre-built Tableau workbooks - so you can start getting insight immediately
  • Included with DataSync Professional and Enterprise editions at no additional charge

Insight into ServiceNow

Get insight into your ITSM, CSM, HR,
ITOM & ITAM business processes


Merge with Other Sources

Join ServiceNow data with data from
other enterprise apps for greater insight

report 1

Report without Fear

No more concerns about reporting
impacting ServiceNow performance


Repository & Workbooks Included

Start getting insight into ServiceNow processes straight away


Share Business Intelligence

Now everyone can manipulate their
own reporting from ServiceNow


Get a Temporal View

See how your data is changing state
over time - for even greater insight

Need to move data to data repositories too? No problem!

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