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On-demand DataSync

Securely extract datasets from IT Operations, Sales and Development systems to an on-demand data lake, to allow for ad-hoc analytics and reporting


Extract data for reporting and analytics ... right when you need it

Running reports and producing analytics for ServiceNow or Salesforce may be harder than it first appears. After all, you don't want to impact application performance, but neither do you want to go through the hassle of setting up an on-premise data repository for a short term need. And if you want to merge data from multiple systems, it gets incrementally more difficult.

Perspectium On-demand DataSync solves this problem, by allowing you to use your existing Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to configure and automate data extraction to an AWS data lake, which then works with your reporting/analytics tool of choice.


On-demand DataSync lets you export specific data sets from ServiceNow and Salesforce to an external cloud based data lake. As a result, you can explore, merge and analyze your data without concerns about application constraints and performance impact. This product allows you to extract specific data sets on-demand and on an as-needed basis, providing you with incredible flexibility in meeting your business reporting and analytics needs.

  • Click and launch integration directly from the AWS service catalog
  • Preconfigured integrations - ServiceNow and Salesforce on a single platform
  • Automatically provision data lake for analytics and reporting, on-demand
  • Automatically provision AWS S3 storage for governance and big-data input
  • Automatically create and maintain schema
  • Batch load and scheduled bulk load

Inbuilt best practices get you up and running fast

Uniform, standard deployment leverages best practices from hundreds of implementations

Native understanding of application data schemas

Including attachments, journal fields, hierarchical tables, and reference fields

Security and privacy right out of the box

Move data without sharing credentials, and even transform the data in-flight

Don't worry about application compatibility - that's our job

Your data replication processes will run smoothly, even when you upgrade tools!

Ridiculously high scalability without performance drag

Some Perspectium customers sync tens of millions of transactions every day ... each!

Be sure that your data gets to where you need it to be

High availability - even if temporary power and network outages get in the way

What are your service management integrations costing you today?

You are spending a lot more on service management integrations than you think. Our TCO calculator will figure out how much your integrations are costing you today - and tell you how much they could cost you with Perspectium.