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Fujitsu Better Manages Customers
with Perspectium

Discover how Fujitsu provides faster, more proactive customer service to
integrate customer tools quickly, accurately, securely and at lower cost

Automate the Population of your Data Warehouse from ServiceNow

... and without worrying about performance, throughput, or security
We fully manage and maintain all that (and more) for you!

Extract All The Data You Need
Without Impacting Performance

Real time replication of IT Service Management data to
other applications, data stores & service providers

Grab Your Copy of an
Unrivaled Guide

These free books will help you get the most out of your service
management integrations - even if you're not using Perspectium!

Easily Manage Your
Multi-Supplier Ecosystem

Perspectium simplifies vendor management / SIAM

The Perspectium
Community is Now Open!

Drop in for a virtual coffee with the foremost
Perspectium experts in the world

How Can Perspectium
Help You?

See how other organizations have easily connected
their service management applications


Automated Data Warehouse Creation
from ServiceNow and Salesforce

Automatically extract data from ServiceNow, Salesforce and Jira to enable analytics, business intelligence, machine learning and more without impacting application performance.

Save time and money on-boarding

Connect best-of-breed applications so that everyone gets the full picture - without anyone being forced to change tools.


Customer Transactions Enabled
by Perspectium


... and counting!