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DIY Integration for ServiceNow to Database

We drew on our experience with building the world's most intricate and powerful ServiceNow-to-database integrations to offer you a comprehensive and unprecedented look into all the essential issues.

Managing ServiceNow Data Growth

ServiceNow is at the forefront of digital transformation, and with that comes an explosive growth of data -- often far exceeding predicted volumes. This white paper discusses tips and best practices on how to manage those ServiceNow data volumes without impacting user experience or system performance.

Choosing the Right Integration Approach

With so many potential ways to connect ServiceNow with other applications, data repositories, vendors and customers - how do you choose the right integration approach for the right job at the right time? This whitepaper will help you make that decision - by laying out the criteria that you should consider to make your decision.

2020 "State of ServiceNow Data and Process Integration" Survey

Perspectium surveyed ServiceNow customers about how they moved data and process between other technologies, repositories and 3rd-party service providers. The survey revealed that many still rely on manual processes to manage (and perform) data exchanges with other tools ... which may not deliver long-term reliability.

The Unrivaled Guide to Service Provider Integration

In today's business environment, service providers aim for IT processes and data to flow across applications, providers, and customers. This 60-page guide discusses how to implement and enhance the right integration solution, which can both maintain and advance your customer onboarding and your service delivery.

The Unrivaled Guide to Data Integration for Service Management

This 40-page beast is essential reading and reference. Learn why companies integrate data, what good data integration looks like, and how you can maintain the health of your data-integration solution.

The Unrivaled Guide to Process Integration for Service Management

The work at your business extends across departments. Multiple departments need to see and act on data related to your critical business processes—in their own best-of-breed apps. Process integration is all about making that happen.

Automation Beats Integration: Meeting Your Business Goals with Automated Connections

Integration is not a stand-alone initiative. Integration is an important component to the larger business objective of automation. This whitepaper compares integration to automation, and explains the importance of solving the business challenge - not just the technical challenge.

Connection Health: Why Integrations Fail or Thrive

One of the business components critical to your company’s success is integrations. Why do integrations fail or thrive? How can you plan for the health of your integrations?

Delivering Customer Value Through Managed Services

Managed service providers are discovering that they can connect systems in exciting, innovative ways that help them differentiate from competition and deliver new value to customers. Learn of several ways that MSPs like you deliver value for customers through an integration solution.

The Brain of Service Management: A Federated System of Record

To meet your service management goals, your business collects data from multiple, disparate systems of record. But without a method of consolidating that data in one place, the risk is high for inefficiency, errors, and a host of other problems. The answer to this challenge is a federated system of record.

10 Reasons to Implement Integration and ITSM Simultaneously

Considering the demands of launching a new ITSM tool, why would you also want to implement an integration solution at the same time? Here are ten reasons.

Five Tools to Integrate with your Service Desk

Learn about the five tools you need to integrate with your service desk. You may already have some of these integrations in place ... but which ones are you missing?


How does the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impact IT Service Management, and how can integration help achieve compliance?

Integrated Solutions

Remember the big picture - you're not just trying to connect a few pieces of technology, you want to enable business-wide workflows

Essential Features of an Integration Solution

When looking for an integration solution, what functionality should you be looking for?

Using Perspectium to Enable SIAM

A white paper describing Perspectium's approach to enabling Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Perspectium & DevOps

Perspectium enables DevOps by connecting your Dev tool with your Operations tool - bidirectionally, and complete with attachments, journal fields and more!

Five Essential Characteristics for Service Management Integration

To deliver truly integrated service management solutions, what are the essential characteristics you need to identify in your integration partner?

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