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DataSync Snapshot Data Sheet

Read an at-a-glance overview of DataSync Snapshots backup and restore capabilities for ServiceNow.

While ServiceNow provides some capabilities for backup and restore, their out-of-the-box technology has significant limitations. Users cannot control when backups occur or what they include, backup retention is limited to 14 days, and restoring data requires taking the instance offline, disrupting operations.

In this data sheet, you'll learn how DataSync Snapshot - a ServiceNow-native app - upgrades the platforms capabilities, providing benefits including:

  • Full control over when backups occur
  • Full control over what backups include
  • Restore without downtime
  • No limits to backup retention
  • And more

Download the Data Sheet to learn about DataSync Snapshot's capabilities, the benefits and the value it provides for ServiceNow users. 


Want to compare DataSync Snapshot to ServiceNow's default backup capabilities? Check out our FAQ: ServiceNow backups vs. Snapshot FAQ

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