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ServiceNow Data Extraction for Advanced Reporting and BI

Traditional ServiceNow reporting and BI integration options are either too slow, have a significant impact on performance, too insecure, or a combination of all three.

Still, many users need this requirement to overcome the platform's limitations regarding reporting and analysis.

Fortunately, trusted ServiceNow partners, Perspectium provide DataSync - a ServiceNow-native data extraction application supporting high-throughput data extraction and replication.

With DataSync, users can transfer massive amounts of ServiceNow records - over 1 billion per month - without impacting performance, and to data-stores including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Snowflake and more.

The many customers using DataSync to support their reporting requirements include ServiceNow themselves.

Complete the form to understand how ServiceNow are using DataSync, and how your organization can experience the same benefits.

ServiceNow Reporting and BI Integrations, with DataSync

With DataSync, organizations benefit from a ServiceNow reporting and BI integration that overcomes common challenges, and enables:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Combining ServiceNow data with other sources
  • Improved instance performance by off-loading reporting requirements to purpose-built solutions
  • Complex reporting scenarios, such as parameterized reports
  • Self-service access and improved collaboration on reports, analysis and business intelligence with non-ServiceNow users

To learn how DataSync supports ServiceNow users with their reporting and analysis requirements, complete the form to get your free whitepaper.

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Complete the form to get your free whitepaper!

We help many organizations integrate their ServiceNow data with the wider enterprise … including ServiceNow themselves!

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The Perspectium Pedigree

Perspectium is a trusted partner of ServiceNow, providing a native application and integration as a service to connect ServiceNow to the wider enterprise.

Its pedigree is recognized by ServiceNow, who are customers, as well as partners of Perspectium. The ITSM organization uses Perspectium to facilitate its own integrations, internally. 

Created by the founding developer from ServiceNow David Loo, Perspectium leverages its expertise to create performance-impact-free ServiceNow integrations.

Leave it to the experts

Perspectium is a true integration-as-a-service, meaning your organziation is free from the burden of implementing and maintaining the integration.

The no-code solution works natively within the ServiceNow interface with which you are already familiar.