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Data, Data, Everywhere...

Congratulations! Your company has ServiceNow® for IT service management, and Snowflake for cloud data warehousing. Wouldn't it be great to also have a data integration solution that supports your ITSM data volumes and your SaaS operating model?

With ServiceNow, the more data that is moved using web services, the greater the impact on system performance and user experience. Plus, web services have no concept of availability, so you can’t tell if your data reached its destination or not. As a result, ITSM data is often moved to the data warehouse at night or weekends when usage is low, and when success can be verified before users are affected. 

The good news is there is a solution. Perspectium DataSync is a native application for ServiceNow that enables real-time or bulk data synchronization, without API or web services coding and without impacting performance. Perspectium solutions are SaaS-based, just like ServiceNow and Snowflake, so it's easy to implement data integration without creating a development burden for your IT team.

Customers like GE, Accenture, and ServiceNow already rely on Perspectium DataSync, and Snowflake is the latest data repository supported. Complete the form to watch the product in action, and browse other resources to find out how Perspectium can help you get the most from ServiceNow and Snowflake.

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