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For total visibility of your business, enterprises like yours are extracting massive volumes of ServiceNow data into Snowflake for analytics, BI, and data warehousing. But companies want real-time insights without slowing down ServiceNow.

  • Performance preservation: The more ServiceNow data you transfer, the bigger the risk of performance impact. But when your solution dynamically detects changes in data, you push only those data updates, preserving the performance of ServiceNow.
  • Real-time: You'll benefit most from an integration solution that lets you verify successful transfer of data, giving you confident visibility of current data. No more late-night or weekend batch jobs.

Perspectium delivers real-time, performance-preserving visibility of your ServiceNow data in Snowflake. Like those tools, it's also SaaS-based (hint: easy implementation!).

Customers like GE, Accenture, and ServiceNow already rely on Perspectium. To see the product in action and to get our 40-page guide on data integration, just complete the form on this page.

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