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How Healthcare IT can keep up with technology changes

Keeping up with the changes in Healthcare IT is tough. Legislation, policy change, patient care, cost management, mergers & acquisitions: all are causes for adding or changing applications, data repositories, platforms, and processes. While each change moves part of the business forward, it creates a challenge of technology silos which inhibit cross-functional collaboration and make it hard to maintain a 360 degree view of the patient.

The fastest way to eliminate technology silos, while still allowing each part of the business to use their application or database of choice, is with integration. Allow processes to span different applications. Move data from source to destination, to enable critical business analytics. Connect more effectively with external suppliers, to accelerate the delivery of service – whenever, wherever it is needed.

Perspectium has been providing integration solutions to healthcare providers like Intermountain Healthcare, Dignity Health, and others for years. We provide service integration and data integration solutions as a managed service, so that your IT teams can focus on the needs of the patient without being burdened by custom development or maintenance. To learn more, browse the information below or hit the Contact Us button to schedule a demo for your team.

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