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As an IT professional, there are many reasons why you might want to automate data extraction and vendor connectivity.
You may be pulling data from across the business into a data warehouse, or perhaps you need to use a BI tool to run analytics.
Perhaps you're looking for a simpler way to pass work to external service providers without duplicating effort, while maintaining
complete visibility into progress and service levels.

Perspectium products help customers move tens of millions of records every day - for a variety of reasons. And we offer the ONLY
way to do this with an almost insignificant performance impact.


Automate Data Warehouse Creation

Perspectium DataSync automatically extracts data from
ServiceNow to enable analytics, business intelligence, machine
learning and more - all without impacting application performance.

Connect with Service Providers
and Suppliers

Perspectium Service Gateway connects you with your suppliers
and service providers so that you can easily assign tasks, retain
visibility and manage your SLAs - all from within ServiceNow.


More than Integration

This is much more than just integration ... it's Automation.

Automation means that you can auto-create schemas and keep them in sync. It means that you
can automatically discover data relationships (even hierarchical ones) between related items. It
means that you can transform data at the source, and then distribute that data to multiple
destinations. Automation also means your data movements are secure, auditable, highly
available and monitored for throughput 24/7.


Effortlessly Extract Data

Perspectium DataSync is a native ServiceNow application that automates the secure extraction of data without impacting ServiceNow performance, with inbuilt high availability, enormous throughput and transformation out of the box.


Connect with Service Providers

Perspectium Service Gateway is a native ServiceNow application that automates real-time eBonded connections with internal and external service providers. Eliminate "swivel chair" inefficiencies, SLA disagreements and constant status requests - by building your service providers into your processes, right out of the box.



ServiceNow Transactions Enabled

by Perspectium