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Enabling Growth and Change at CDW

CDW is a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.  The managed services business, which supports around 200 customers, was challenged on two fronts: how to provide business leaders with critical reports on service delivery performance, and how to offer the highest quality of service to their customers to maintain a competitive edge.

The Problem

CDW’s ServiceNow instance connected to a dedicated reporting database using web services, which created performance issues and were cumbersome to maintain. Customers interacted either through email, which was slow and provided no visibility into status, or by developing custom integrations with CDW— at a price tag of $50,000, in one case. “That's just not great when you’re trying to provide a solution to someone and they get a bill like that,” says Paul Liesse, Supervisor of Managed Service Applications at CDW.

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The Solution

CDW chose Perspectium DataSync to replicate service delivery data to their MySQL database, transferring incident, CMDB, and other information for archive and analyses. All ServiceNow performance issues were eliminated, and CDW no longer had to dedicate developer resource to maintain the integration when ServiceNow or the database was upgraded. For service delivery, Perspectium ServiceBond provides integration between CDW and their customers – without custom development or extra cost if the customer’s system is something other than ServiceNow.

More recently, CDW added Perspectium ServiceBond for AWS to escalate incidents or requests on behalf of their customers to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Support Center – no need to login to a separate support portal, and provides near real-time visibility of status across the entire service supply chain.

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The Payoff

CDW offers complete service solutions that no longer pass along cost or development burden to the customer. “It’s really nice to be able to go to the customer and say, we've got a solution,” says Paul. “The technical piece is super simple.” Analyses into service delivery no longer create performance challenges, and ebonding with the AWS Support Center earns extra points for MSP Partner validation requirements.

With a complete integration solution in place, CDW is well-positioned to scale their service management business. “It’s the low-code, no-code, all-configuration solution," says Paul. "We're just in the platform, using it as a normal user, and the developers don't have to get involved. That's humongous for us.”

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