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ServiceNow Stories

In these five short clips, you'll hear how ServiceNow uses Perspectium to power their business intelligence.
Venu Malyala, the Senior Director of BI, MDM and Analytics at ServiceNow, talks about why they chose Perspectium,
and how it is helping them get the information they need to run the business.

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In tis clip, Venu talks about the difference between Perspectium and traditional ETL tools

Numbers! In this clip, Venu shares information about the amount of data that ServiceNow move with Perspectium

Learn how ServiceNow use Perspectium to connect their instances to their data warehouse

Learn about a couple of other challenges that ServiceNow were facing with many-to-many integration, and how they addressed them

Venu explains how ServiceNow decided on Perspectium, and how scalability was critical