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Service Provider Solutions

Accelerate customer time to value, improve organizational effectiveness, and ensure visibility across the entire service supply chain with Perspectium integration solutions for managed service providers.


Data Integration

Data integration is all about moving data from one place to another - something that service providers do all the time. Whether you're onboarding a new customer or helping an existing customer with a zero-impact upgrade, you need to reliably move large quantities of data - without impacting the performance of your customers' systems or your own.

Data integration is all about mass data synchronization between you and your customers - either in batch updates, or dynamically in real-time.

Service Integration

Service integration enables inter-organization workflow. Service integrations typically exchange smaller volumes of data, but that data is part of an executing workflow process between customer and service provider. These integrations could be between your customers' enterprise applications (like ITSM tools, development tools, CRM tools, and more) and your own master instance. These are two-way, real-time integrations – delivering synchronization in both directions, and including journal fields, related records, and attachments.


But don't just take our word for it. Take a listen to what a couple of our Service Provider customers have to say about using Perspectium for their customer integrations ...

There are different ways to move data between systems
... but they are NOT all the same.


The swivel chair approach is used by many service providers. Someone reads data from an internal system, and re-enters it in the service provider’s tool. It may be transactional (like incident to request) or batch (import CMDB from customer) … but either way, its inefficient, error-prone, and a risk to meeting response and resolution SLAs.


Large service providers with significant development resources often turn to the do-it-yourself approach. Writing your own integrations (or having a consultant do it) might sound like a cheaper way of connecting to your customers, but anyone who has done it will tell you otherwise. Creating and maintaining custom integrations is both inefficient and expensive. And what happens when the person that created the integration is no longer available?


Integration toolkits came into being in the mid-2000s as an attempt to solve this problem. And while they might get you part of the way there, you still have to learn a proprietary language to create an integration, and YOU are still responsible for the data getting from point A to point B. These toolkits are often nothing more than an ETL bus, and a collection of adaptors. It’s the IKEA of integration – you still build it yourself, just from larger pieces.


... and then there’s Perspectium. Perspectium delivers integrated solutions. That means that we take responsibility for getting data from your customers to you and back again. Nothing for you to write, assemble or maintain – we deliver a solution that is complete from end to end. All delivered as a subscription service with 24/7 support, in monitored and automated datacenters, with onboarding and customizations included.

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