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Upgrading ServiceNow

Make upgrades easy! Ensure you have access to all the latest ServiceNow functionality, without worrying about breaking integrations or losing data.


Three Reasons Why ServiceNow Customers Might Delay an Upgrade

Like most ServiceNow customers, you probably always want to be on the latest release - so you can use the latest functionality, and get all the available patches and bugfixes ... but we have heard three reasons why ServiceNow customers might delay an upgrade, or approach it with caution - and Perspectium can help with all three.

Reverting to Out-of-box Apps

Often, customers desire to revert to a simpler, less-customized, out-of-box version of ServiceNow as part of an upgrade effort - without losing any data.

Perspectium solves this issue transparently by intelligently mapping fields and ensuring that no data is lost or abandoned as the application is migrated.

Breaking Existing Integrations

ServiceNow customers integrate their systems to storage, service providers, and other systems, but these integrations are often custom-built, and an upgrade may cause them to break.

Perspectium delivers integration as a service that keeps integrations of data and services always current, scalable, and available. 

Rollback without Data Loss

ServiceNow customers may wish to upgrade to a new version without losing the ability to roll back to a previous one – without losing data collected since the upgrade backup was performed.

Perspectium manages this with real-time cloud replication to ensure that all data is current and available if you need to roll back.

Integration isn't supposed to make things more difficult - but if you have created your own integrations using web services, or if you have been using an iPaaS "toolkit" for integrations, you may be concerned about how a ServiceNow upgrade will impact those integrations ... and rightly so.

Perspectium is different. Aside from the fact that Perspectium integrations for ServiceNow run in a native ServiceNow app, they were created by the same person that built the underlying integration architecture of ServiceNow, and are completely unaffected by upgrades - in fact, many of our customers actually use Perspectium to make their upgrades easier!

Perspectium integrations connect ServiceNow to all the other parts of your service management processes. And they’re delivered as a complete, end-to-end service. There’s nothing for you to write, assemble or maintain – we deliver a solution that is complete from end to end. All delivered as a subscription service with 24/7 support, in monitored and automated datacenters, with onboarding and any customizations included.


Simplification at Zurich Insurance

Zurich took advantage of their Jakarta upgrade to restructure some of their more complicated applications. Rather than just upgrading their old instance, they implemented new out-of-box applications, and used Perspectium to migrate and merge selected data from their old system into their new, less complicated apps.

Stop worrying about upgrades, and move to the latest release from ServiceNow with peace of mind. Not only will Perspectium ensure that all your integrations continue to work following your upgrade, you can even use Perspectium to ensure that your data is completely protected throughout the upgrade process.

For more information, click the Contact Us button at the top of the page, or call us on (888) 620 8880 - we would love the opportunity to show you how we can eliminate concern from your ServiceNow upgrades.