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Automate Data Warehouse Creation

Automate the creation, population, and management of data warehouses from ServiceNow and Salesforce applications

Easily Populate Your Data Warehouse 

More of your business is turning to ServiceNow and Salesforce-based applications, but extracting data from those applications to populate your data warehouse can be challenging. Not only is data in these cloud applications inherently more difficult to access, extracting data using traditional web services or APIs can bring those applications to their knees - impacting performance to such a degree that the application becomes unusable. 

Imagine if you could automatically extract all the data you need - in real-time if you wish - with zero impact on performance. Imagine if you could automatically keep data schemas in sync with application changes, auto-discover data relationships, maintain data encryption during transport, and do all that in a fully managed environment. You would avoid the pain of building, monitoring and maintaining your data extracts - and be confident that everything in your data warehouse was current, accurate and secure.

Keep Data Up to Date

Populating your data warehouse with real-time data is no longer a luxury. And that means keeping your data and your data relationships current.

Applications built on Salesforce and ServiceNow are modified frequently. So, your data schemas and hierarchies need to automatically keep up to date with any application changes too.

Transform Data in Flight

When extracting data from ServiceNow and Salesforce, you need the ability to transform it to the right format.

Whether it's for normalization, distribution, privacy compliance or even language translation, Perspectium enables you to transform data in real time - to arrive in your data warehouse exactly as you need it.

Be Confident in Your Data

Since Perspectium delivers a fully managed solution, you can rest easy knowing that data is securely flowing into your data warehouse - and that your data flow is highly available, fully monitored, auditable and supported by our data guarantee. 

Be confident that the data you provide to your business is totally accurate. 

By automatically extracting data from ServiceNow and Salesforce with Perspectium, our customers tell us they are able to get the data they need to manage their business - confident that their data is current, accurate and secure. They routinely replicate tens of millions of records every day without impacting application performance, and even have the ability to "fan out" data from a single source to multiple destinations when required.

Only Perspectium delivers the real-time connectivity with ServiceNow and Salesforce that your business needs to drive analytics, machine learning, business intelligence and more. Custom-built data integrations only deliver one piece of the solution, have to be constantly maintained and monitored, and will seriously impact the performance of the underlying business applications. 


Actionable Insights in Action

The biggest challenge ServiceNow faced was scale. Their CRM solution is based on multiple ServiceNow instances, and needed real-time, simultaneous integration to their SAP/HANA databases. Previous approaches relied on cumbersome web service calls, which created performance issues for the production servers, so ServiceNow called on Perspectium to provide an integration solution that met their needs.

That solution now moves over 13 million transactions every day - feeding 200+ dashboards and five predictive solutions in the big data environment, and the ServiceNow BI team provides quick results to the business, able to turn around analytics requests in just a few days.

What's in it For You?

  • Get all of your teams working more closely together without forcing anyone to change (or buy new) tools
  • Nothing for you to build or maintain - that's all part of the "service" part of Perspectium Integration-as-a-Service
  • Give people in your organization visibility into things that will improve their customer understanding

What's in it for Your Business?

  • Deliver a better customer experience by ensuring that everyone has clear visibility into the progress of work
  • Reduce outages by providing teams with ALL the information they need when they start working
  • Avoid lock-in of data, process and applications - retaining the agility you need for growth and innovation

You don't have to force everyone to use the same tool to be successful with extending process and data across your organization - in fact, that will probably just make it harder! Let your teams use the best-of-breed tools that they already work with - and Perspectium will interconnect everything at the process or data layers to ensure your success.

For more information, click the Contact Us button at the top of the page, or call us on (888) 620 8880 - we would love the opportunity to show you how we can help with your integration initiatives.

Actionable Insights with No Perceived Latency

Listen to Craig Edwards of Zurich Insurance discuss the performance of their Perspectium data integration solution. Zurich extracts ServiceNow incident data to a database for real-time reporting, resulting in better business insight.

Advanced Analytics at ServiceNow

Venu Malyala from ServiceNow explains how they have consolidate data for better business intelligence: "We bring all this data together into one single platform, leveraging Perspectium.... We are getting great value from these integrations".