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Implement best-of-breed ... without fear of silos

Connect best-of-breed applications so that everyone gets the full picture - without anyone being forced to change tools.


Eliminate Data and Process Silos Between Your Best-of-breed Applications

You need to be able to connect processes and data across your entire organization - but moving to an expensive, all-encompassing "suite" means that you are moving away from your best-of-breed tools, locking yourself in with a single vendor, and driving huge cultural change. And, on top of all that, there's no guarantee that those suite applications will actually work together the way that you expected.

Imagine if your teams could continue using the best-of-breed tools that they use today - and you could seamlessly flow data and process between them? You would avoid the expense of new applications, retain vendor flexibility, reduce unnecessary organizational change, and allow your teams to continue using the products that they already selected to help them work.

Federated System of Record

You may have heard people suggest that you should operate with a single system of record. And that's great if all your process is in a single application.

But if you have adopted a best-of-breed approach like most organizations, a federated system of record means that you have all your data in the right place at the right time.

Best-of-breed Wins!

Consolidating process by forcing everyone to use the same tool never works. Cultural change causes huge challenges.

Consolidating process by integrating at the process level means that your teams continue to use the tools they love, with processes consolidated across them by Perspectium.

Get All The Info You Need

Perspectium integrations ensure that everyone has all the information they need to work. So, any attachments, work notes and related lists are replicated along with the actual ticket information.

Of course, updates all move in real-time too, so everyone has the same information when they need it.

By connecting these systems together, our customers tell us they are able to automate processes that span multiple teams. For example, operations staff can see where their escalated problems are going, and how they are being addressed elsewhere in the company. Similarly, customer-facing groups get a clear line of sight into work being performed by back office teams - so they always have the latest information with which to update their customers. 

Only Perspectium gives you the real-time, bidirectional integration that you require to connect best-of-breed applications in a meaningful way. Custom integrations only provide value for a single use case and require long-term maintainance, and waiting around for batch data transfers could easily mean that you have teams spending time on a problem that has already been fixed.


Best-of-breed in Action

Paychex is a recognized leader in the payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing industry. They needed to bridge the gap between their IT Operations system of record (ServiceNow®) and their IT Development system of record (Atlassian JIRA) in order to execute cross-department workflow without resorting to a “swivel-chair” integration approach.

Perspectium provided the flexibility needed to make the Paychex integration between JIRA and ServiceNow successful. They identified a solution that met the Paychex security needs while not sacrificing integration functionality. Paychex now transfer data and process between ServiceNow and JIRA as needed without manually re-keying any data.

What's in it For You?

  • Get all of your teams working more closely together without forcing anyone to change (or buy new) tools
  • Nothing for you to build or maintain - that's all part of the "service" part of Perspectium Integration-as-a-Service
  • Give people in your organization visibility into things that will improve their customer understanding

What's in it for Your Business?

  • Deliver a better customer experience by ensuring that everyone has clear visibility into the progress of work
  • Reduce outages by providing teams with ALL the information they need when they start working
  • Avoid lock-in of data, process and applications - retaining the agility you need for growth and innovation

You don't have to force everyone to use the same tool to be successful with extending process and data across your organization - in fact, that will probably just make it harder! Let your teams use the best-of-breed tools that they already work with - and Perspectium will interconnect everything at the process or data layers to ensure your success.

For more information, click the Contact Us button at the top of the page, or call us on (888) 620 8880 - we would love the opportunity to show you how we can help with your integration initiatives.

Getting the Full Picture at Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare eliminated silos by connecting best-of-breed applications, letting teams continue using the tools they love.