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Actionable insights via automated data lake

Automatically extract data from ServiceNow to enable analytics, business intelligence, machine learning and more ... without impacting application performance.


Unlock your ITSM data for better business insight

To get the full picture of your business, you need to be able to extract data from your service management applications to combine with information from other parts of your organization. Then you can make use of big data analyses, machine learning tools, business intelligence platforms, and analytics products for actionable insights into improving your business. But extracting that data isn't easy - and often has devastating performance impacts on your applications. 

Imagine if your teams could get all the data they needed - in real-time - without impacting the people using the applications? You would be able to use your BI tool-of-choice to deliver accurate, current insights into your business - insights that you could use to make decisions, perform better, avoid surprises and provide improved customer service.

Extract Data Without the Drag

Perspectium integrations ensure that you have all the data you need, when you need it - without impacting the performance of your business applications.

You no longer have to rely on batch exports from 3am - your information is always up-to-date, allowing you to make the right decisions.

Native Tool = Better Control

Because Perspectium uses a native tool within Servicenow, Salesforce and JIra, you have ultimate control over what/when data is extracted, and under what circumstances.

Of course, the native tool also means that your teams don't have to learn a new technology - it's all there in the tool they already know and love.

Get All The Info You Need

Perspectium integrations ensure that everyone has all the information they need to work. So, any attachments, work notes and related lists can be extracted along with the actual ticket information.

Of course, updates all move in real-time too, so everyone has the same information when they need it.

With the ability to extract actionable data in real-time, our customers tell us they are able to deliver information to the business much faster than ever before, and without impacting the performance of their ITSM toolsets. For example, one customer uses our solution to bring their encrypted-at-rest data into their on-premise database for reporting and governance, and another brings together data from a number of sources, including ServiceNow, Avaya, Microsoft Project Server, PeopleSoft, and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to get the highest visibility into incidents, including reporting on hierarchies.

Only Perspectium gives you the real-time, ridiculously scalable integration that you require to understand your business in a meaningful way. Custom-built web services integrations can't even extract a fraction of the data volume you need for meaningful analysis - and will drag application performance down to unusable levels.


Actionable Insights in Action

The biggest challenge ServiceNow faced was scale. Their CRM solution is based on multiple ServiceNow instances, and needed real-time, simultaneous integration to their SAP/HANA databases. Previous approaches relied on cumbersome web service calls, which created performance issues for the production servers, so ServiceNow called on Perspectium to provide an integration solution that met their needs.

That solution now moves over 13 million transactions every day - feeding 200+ dashboards and five predictive solutions in the big data environment, and the ServiceNow BI team provides quick results to the business, able to turn around analytics requests in just a few days.

What's in it For You?

  • Rapidly deliver all the data that your business needs - without impacting the performance of your applications
  • All configuration is done within native tools for Salesforce, ServiceNow and Jira - nothing new for your team to learn
  • Get out of the business of constantly writing/maintaining integrations, and back to the business of delivering a service

What's in it for Your Business?

  • Avoid lock-in of your data - use your BI/analytics tool of choice when inbuilt reporting tools just aren't enough
  • Make business decisions based on accurate, current data rather than information that may be hours/days old
  • Retain the agility you need for innovation in big data analysis and training of machine learning tools

You don't have to worry about impacting application performance, nor restrict the amount of extracted data that you use to make important business decisions. Provide your business with all the information they need, and manage it all from the best-of-breed tools that you already work with - and Perspectium will interconnect everything at the process or data layers to ensure your success.

For more information, click the Contact Us button at the top of the page, or call us on (888) 620 8880 - we would love the opportunity to show you how we can help with your data initiatives.

Actionable Insights with No Perceived Latency

Listen to Craig Edwards of Zurich Insurance discuss the performance of their Perspectium data integration solution. Zurich extracts ServiceNow incident data to a database for real-time reporting, resulting in better business insight.

Advanced Analytics at ServiceNow

Venu Malyala from ServiceNow explains how they have consolidate data for better business intelligence: "We bring all this data together into one single platform, leveraging Perspectium.... We are getting great value from these integrations".