ServiceNow ITSM integrations help organizations better connect solutions supporting ITSM and deliver a better service.

ITSM is a complex, multifaceted aspect of modern IT organizations. It’s a critical business function and as such, optimizing the strategies and systems that support it have positive implications throughout the enterprise.

Why Workflow Automation is Essential for Data-Driven Organizations

As one of the most well-established ITSM solutions and Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, ServiceNow and ServiceNow ITSM integrations are a popular target for optimization.

A driving force behind ServiceNow’s popularity is its usability, and extensive workflow automation capabilities for processes that stay within the platform. 

However, to take advantage of ServiceNow Workflows outside of the platform – i.e. by synchronizing ServiceNow Workflows with other solutions – organizations must turn to automated integration solutions supporting automated IT workflows

Automation reduces an organization’s reliance on manual processes and data entry. It can also dynamically synchronize various systems. This allows employees to complete tasks and collaborate via the systems they are familiar with, making updates only once that are dynamically reproduced in other systems.

The outcome is a more efficient ITSM initiative, future-proofed against growing technical debt as services and the organization scale.

Without synchronizing workflows between systems, organizations are often impaired by the following:

  • Data quality issues
  • Slow time-to-resolution
  • Security risks (i.e. when login credentials are shared to complete tasks)

This is why many ServiceNow users integrate ServiceNow with their tech stack to promote process automation between solutions.

It allows organizations to maintain business continuity and scale services according to emerging business needs.

How Workflow Automation and ServiceNow ITSM Integrations Support Organizations

ServiceNow ITSM integrations that extend ServiceNow Workflow automation across solutions help align an organization’s disjointed tech stacks and processes, increasing employee productivity and process efficiency, reducing errors, improving service delivery quality, and creating commendable customer experiences.

Here are a few ways how automated IT workflows improve ITSM: 

1. Optimize IT service operations

By subverting the reliance on manual data-entry and processes, organizations reduce the potential for human error and the time it takes to complete routine tasks. 

By aligning the right tools they also introduce a frictionless IT service experience. Employees are better positioned to deliver quality service that enhances CX and ROI.

2. Deliver ITSM on a single platform

By consolidating the use of technology, organizations can better support employees, allowing them to work within the solutions they are most accustomed to and efficient with. 

Dynamically synchronizing solutions allows one update to be reflected across numerous systems, greatly reducing the amount of repeat tasks required to complete a given project. 

They also support organizations in ensuring systems reflect an up-to-date view of the enterprise, so the whole enterprise is unified behind a single source of truth.

3. Gain new insights

Automated workflows provide in-depth visibility into underlying processes via built-in dashboards and real-time analytics. 

Business leaders and decision makers benefit from the holistic view of the enterprise and can use analytical insights to adjust existing strategies and plan future goals to improve specific business areas. 

Employees also gain visibility into workflows they aren’t actively involved in, but reliant upon to perform their own tasks.

4. Reduce hardware, software, and cloud costs

Over time, an organization’s software stack diversifies into a complex network of software assets. 

Without any attempt to consolidate or optimize system use, organizations inevitably incur a substantial technical debt in the form of:

  • Redundant expenses on software licenses
  • Delays to time-to-value of new projects and time-to-resolution of open cases
  • An inability to scale 

Such examples of technical debt prevent organizations from capitalizing on new opportunities. 

5. Improve decision making

Automating workflows between systems provides a 360-degree visibility into an organization’s tech stack. Via dynamic synchronization, systems always reflect an up-to-date perspective of the enterprise.

This instills greater confidence in business leaders and decision makers, as there is less doubt around the accuracy of insights gained from those systems.

Implement Scalable ServiceNow ITSM Integrations with a ServiceNow-native Application

While ITSM integration with ServiceNow has numerous benefits, choosing the right integration solution for ServiceNow is crucial. For the many ServiceNow clients dealing with huge data volumes, web-based/API or ETL tools won’t suffice.

This is because transferring large data volumes via such methods places a significant burden on ServiceNow’s operational bandwidth. 

Manual methods of integration are also unsuitable, as the volumes of data that must be moved or replicated, exceed what an employee can manage effectively.

However, with a native automated integration solution like Perspectium, organizations can avoid such issues. 

Designed specifically for the Now Platform, Perspectium automates the transfer, replication and synchronization of massive amounts of ServiceNow data – without impacting ServiceNow’s performance. 

This means organizations can enjoy real-time data delivery and synchronization between platforms, while ensuring ServiceNow continues to run optimally.

Perspectium provides a suite of products for addressing specific ServiceNow use cases, including ServiceBond for ServiceNow eBonding and extending ServiceNow Workflows to other solutions.

ServiceBond bidirectionally and dynamically connects ServiceNow Workflows to other incident fulfillers, external teams, and ITSM tools to improve ITSM and DevOps. It is a fully managed service, and Perspectium experts implement and maintain all integrations with 24x7x365 support. 

To learn more about extending ServiceNow Workflows into other solutions, talk to Perspectium’s integration experts today.

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