CIO Review, a leading print and online publication covering key trends in information technology, recently named Perspectium in its list of “Top 10 ServiceNow Solution Companies – 2023”. 

Top 10 ServiceNow Solutions Companies

Perspectium earned this award for its integration, data replication, extraction and synchronization applications for the ServiceNow platform. 

The recognition further establishes Perspectium as a trusted and key ServiceNow partner.

Empowering ServiceNow Users with Control Over Their Data

With Perspectium’s range of products, ServiceNow users are afforded greater control over their ServiceNow data.

DataSync – ServiceNow-to-data repository integrations

Transfer over 1 billion records per month to your preferred data repository, without impacting performance.

DataSync supports various use cases by addressing ServiceNow user’s difficulties in getting data out of the platform.

Users can easily transfer massive amounts of ServiceNow data to an external repository to:

  • Feed reporting solutions for more comprehensive reporting options and the ability to combine multiple data sources
  • Feed business intelligence solutions such as Tableau and Power BI
  • Feed machine learning and AI solutions to greatly increase the amount of data available to optimize the solution’s output
  • Improve availability of ServiceNow data around the enterprise and enable self-service access for analytics, data and other teams within the organization  

With DataSync, organizations can have confidence in the security of transferred records, with data encrypted both at-rest and in-transit. 

As a ServiceNow-native solution, there is also no risk of exposing access credentials as with API-based integrators. Instead of “pulling” data out of the platform through an external solution, DataSync is installed natively and uses push technology to initiate transfers. 

Supported repositories include:

  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • SAP Hana
  • Snowflake
  • SQL Server
  • And More!

ServiceBond – eBonding integrations for ServiceNow

Synchronize ServiceNow with other complementary solutions, or connect multiple ServiceNow instances for better process integration.

Many organizations use multiple tools for service management. 

With ServiceBond, organizations have a solution for connecting ServiceNow workflows across instances, platforms and geographies. 

This means ServiceNow can be bi-directionally synchronized with development tools for better connectivity within the enterprise.

It also means managed service providers and their customer organizations can benefit from better connectivity between their organizations, supporting and enabling SIAM initiatives. 

If any of these statements apply to your organization, you should consider eBonding for ServiceNow with ServiceBond.

  • Your service management processes don’t live in just one application and they need to be connected
  • Your ITSM workflow needs to include your service providers, customers and/or suppliers
  • You are implementing DevOps or a SIAM approach in your organization and you need to connect the components
  • You need to connect ServiceNow with other tools, without having to build and maintain the integrations yourself
  • Different groups use different tools to deliver service management across your organization

Snapshot – Get more control over ServiceNow backup and restore

Improve your ServiceNow backup and disaster recovery (BDR) capabilities with scheduled & automated backups of select data and rapid recovery.

With Snapshot, ServiceNow users have a ServiceNow-native, purpose-built application for backup and disaster recovery. 

Snapshot expands ServiceNow’s capabilities for both creating backups and restoring from them by allowing users to:

  • Rapidly restore and create backups without performance impacts or instance downtime
  • Recover in-full including metadata and attachments, or select only what you need
  • Set your own backup schedule, backup on demand, and keep backups for as long as required

While ServiceNow’s default backup option is controlled by ServiceNow, Snapshot empowers the end-user. 

Users can create their own backups manually, or with condition-based filtering and run them as many times, and as often as required.

Restoring is also made easier, by allowing users to initiate restores themselves, rather than having to contact ServiceNow via their support portal. 

Learn more about Snapshot.

Request a Snapshot demo.

Data Archive for ServiceNow – Archive ServiceNow data off-platform

Avoid incurring additional storage fees and improve ServiceNow’s performance, with off-platform archiving.

Data Archive for ServiceNow lets users archive ServiceNow data to an external database. ServiceNow’s built-in data archiving feature only allows archiving within the platform. 

This means users cannot use the default archiving function to avoid incurring additional storage fees, and any archiving-related performance gains are limited as the data is still on platform. 

ServiceNow’s default archiving feature also limits users to archiving each table record only once.

Data Archive for ServiceNow overcomes these limitations, letting users archive records multiple times, and to an external database of their choice. This approach provides the following benefits:

  • Archive ServiceNow data off-platform, cutting storage costs and improving ServiceNow instance performance
  • Archive data via condition-based filtering
  • Archive data securely with encryption, protecting data at-rest and in-transit
  • Support and improve data compliance

Learn more about Data Archive for ServiceNow.

About Perspectium

Created by David Loo, the founding developer of ServiceNow, Perspectium has a long history of supporting ServiceNow users. 

Thanks to Loo’s intimate understanding of ServiceNow’s architecture, the developer was able to create technology and supporting services for extracting and replicating massive amounts of ServiceNow data, without impacting the platform’s performance

Success stories include a project with ServiceNow themselves, who needed to replicate data from 10 production instances of ServiceNow into 4 SAP/HANA databases for analysis by Sales, Marketing, Finance, and other departments. 

With Perspectium, customers are able to extract and replicate over 1 billion records per month without degrading the platform’s performance.

See the success stories that led to Perspectium’s inclusion in CIO Review’s Top 10 ServiceNow Solutions – 2023.

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