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SIAM Initiative at Zurich Insurance

Zurich Insurance Group is a ServiceNow customer that embarked on a SIAM initiative to integrate service providers into its IT service management organization. This project involved two parts: the business processes and the technology enablement.

The Problem

Zurich spent a year attempting to integrate its global telecom services provider into their IT service management organization. After first developing the business processes, they embarked on the technology enablement. Zurich needed to be able to open an incident in ServiceNow and assign it to the service provider, who would then need to receive this incident and send incident updates back to Zurich in real time.

The service provider required Zurich to interface with their API gateway, which required a lot of custom coding that was difficult to write and maintain. The service provider’s incident form also did not look anything like the Zurich incident form, and so changes were required to their business process to accommodate the technology involved. These customizations made it impossible to reuse the integration for future SIAM projects with other service providers.

The Solution

Zurich selected Perspectium integration solutions to connect ServiceNow to the service provider’s API gateway, to send and receive incidents tickets in real time. Perspectium’s integration lets customers and service providers each map their processes to a standard incident data model, and enable ebonding of incidents using Perspectium’s end-to-end managed cloud service. This created a reusable approach for Zurich to use with additional service providers, and allowed for easy maintenance of existing integrations. The integration rules were all configured within ServiceNow, rather than with custom code, and was the only work Zurich IT staff needed to perform.

Zurich case study

The Perspectium team engaged with Zurich’s ITSM group and the service provider’s ebonding team, and developed a proof of concept (POC) in two weeks. After a successful POC, Perspectium mapped the data and went live in two months at less than a quarter of the original project cost.

The Payoff

Perspectium provided Zurich a real time integration of incidents with the global telecom service provider in 2 months and at a significantly lower cost than they had initially planned. Zurich now has an real-time bidirectional integration platform that it has used to onboard other Service Providers and/or additional processes with existing Service Providers.

For more, see highlights from the webinar "Implementing SIAM at Zurich Insurance."