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What Perspectium Replicator version am I running on Salesforce?

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    Zak Cole

    Need to know what version of Perspectium Replicator you’re running on SFDC? You can find out in a few simple steps.

      1. From the homepage, click Setup.

      2. Go to Installed Packages:

        2a. Classic: Build > Installed Packages.
        Installed Packages - Classic

        2b. Lightning: Platform Tools > Apps > Installed Packages.
        Installed Packages - Lightning

      3. Click Perspectium Replicator.

      4. Look for Version Name and Version Number. This is your current Salesforce Perspectium Replicator version.
      Perspectium Replicator Version - Salesforce Package


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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