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Troubleshooting why records are not being shared out in dynamic share

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    Zak Cole

    Usually, when your dynamic shares are not sharing your records, you should check the logs or check if your dynamic shares are set up correctly.

    However, if you continue to experience issues with your dynamic shares, there are two tools that can help you troubleshoot potential dynamic sharing problems:

    The Test Record button on the dynamic share form will validate if a record in your dynamic share will be shared out. You can either specify a record or let the dynamic share grab the first record it finds. After clicking Test Record, a pop-up will appear indicating whether the record can be shared or not.

    Additionally, clicking the View Business Rules Before This Share link (under Related Links in the dynamic share form) will display business rules that run before your dynamic share occurs. These business rules are related to the dynamic share’s table and its parent tables. The View Business Rules Before This Share feature allows you to narrow down business rules that could prevent a dynamic share from running properly. When your dynamic share runs is dependent on what you set in the Business Rule Order and Business Rule When fields in your dynamic share form. For more information about dynamic share business rules, see configure business rule timing and order.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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