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Speeding up the Replicator Agent installation with an agent.xml file

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    Zak Cole

    In the normal installation of the Replicator Agent it is required to manually input each configuration field before an agent.xml file is created.
    However, if there already exists an agent.xml file that will be used in the Replicator Agent configuration, there is a way skip most of the installation input screens which allows for the speed up of the installation process.

    In step 5 of the Replicator Agent Installer, when the Replicator Type is selected, there is an option called “Manual Configuration (advanced)”. When this option is selected, the installer will bypass the rest of the installation steps and skip directly to the installation confirmation and summary screen. When the installation is complete, navigate to the “conf” folder of the installed Replicator Agent and replace the agent.xml file in the
    folder with the desired agent.xml file.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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