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Sharing child tables – such as Incident / Task tables

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    Zak Cole

    It is possible to setup a Bulk Share to share out the entire task table, however, this may result in problems if the sharing to ServiceNow.

    Among the options within the bulk share setup, are the following options: “Share all task tables” and “Share child class only”, which are only selectable interchangeably. (I.e .you can only select one, or none, but not both).

    When sharing at the task level to another ServiceNow instance, when using the “Share all child tables”, there is a possibility that records intended for the extended tables (Incident, Problem etc) may be incorrectly populated to the upper level Task table, resulting in apparently lost records when searching the incident directly.

    It is recommended to use “Share child class only” to allow the records to properly populate when sharing to ServiceNow.

    “Share all child tables” is recommended ServiceNow to database replication.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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