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Share Data from an External Database

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    Zak Cole

    You might already be familiar with implementing a Perspectium solution by sharing data to a reporting database, in which case, a subscribe task is defined in the agent.xml of the Perspectium Replicator Agent. However, did you also know that the Replicator Agent can share data from an external database?

    The handler com.perspectium.replicator.sql.sharer.SQLSharer will bulk share existing records in a database table to a designated queue in Perspectium’s cloud Message Broker Service (MBS). Additionally, the handler com.perspectium.replicator.sql.sharer.SQLShareByLastUpdateQuery can perform an incremental bulk share on the records updated or created since the last share.

    To learn more about these handlers for the Replicator Agent, see:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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