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PSP Table Map Preview Records Feature

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    Do you want an easier way to check that your Table Map contains the necessary mappings, that you’re sending Display Values rather than sys_ids, and that the output looks correct? Well, this feature is for you. Rather than actually triggering the replication, creating an outbound message, and decrypting the value to verify the output, this hack can save you seconds, if not minutes!

    This feature allows you to select any record, preview it, and determine if the output is what you’re intending to send to the other end. It will use the current Table Map configuration and fields as a template and inject the selected object’s columns into it.

    To use it, follow these simple steps (as shown in the image):

      1. Click on the magnifying glass to select the record to review (through a pop-up window). By default, the Table will be set to what’s specified on the Source Table column. Click OK from the popup.

      2. Hit the Preview Output. This will be reflected in the top section of your Table Map.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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