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Not receiving receipts for your dynamic share records?

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    Zak Cole

    Sending a message between ServiceNow to ServiceNow but not receiving an acknowledgement receipt back? Could be your configuration settings. Since our Fluorine release, we have revamped the way we handle receipts. You can learn more about that in our documentation site:

    Data Guarantee is turned on by default and will send receipts back to the sharer instance once it reaches a max batch size. This batch size is defaulted to 1000. So if you are wondering why you are unable to receive receipts, it is probably because your receipt batch size is too large. To change your batch size or turn off ServiceNow receipts go to your SUBSCRIBER instance, type in u_psp_properties.list in the Filter Navigator -> type *receipt in the name filter -> from here you can enable or disable receipts and change the batch size of your receipts

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