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Inbound insert SIAM messages are causing duplicate records in the target table

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    Zak Cole

    In ServiceNow, we use transform maps to transform common documents to ServiceNow tables. Unfortunately all of the transform maps get called when a row gets added to the import set table which can cause duplicate records. This can easily be checked by going to the table. In the filter navigation type “u_psp_common_<document>.list” (i.e u_psp_common_incident.list) and press enter. You will see a list that includes information like which transform map was called and if a record was inserted, updated, or ignored. Once you have identified the transform map(s) that are causing duplicates you can add scripting to ignore the transform map from being called. For example, if Remedy inbound messages were getting duplicated by a Jira transform scripts you could add the following to the Jira transform map:

    if (source.u_provider != 'Jira'
        ignore = true;

    For more information refer to our wiki.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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