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How does Perspectium use Perspectium?

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    Zak Cole

    At Perspectium we make it a point to use our solutions as our customers would. Here are a few of the use cases where we are using our solutions to help run our business.

    Service Integration
    – Our Customer Support and Operations team uses ServiceNow for managing our customer facing work. Our Development team uses Jira to plan and track our work. Customer Support and Operations utilize ITSM processes for our service delivery. The Development team follows an Agile development process. We use our Service Integration solution to tie those processes together in a seamless way. You can watch the webinar we did about this here.

    – Our Sales, Sales Operations and Finance teams use Salesforce for their day to day activities. Our Customer Support and Customer Success teams use ServiceNow for tracking customer facing work. There is a significant overlap in information there, as well as some data that only resided in one system or another. Asking the sales team to log into two different systems was a non-starter. Having a bunch of technical people logging into Salesforce was not a good option. So we use our Salesforce solution to integrate between the two. Now the Sales team has the full view of their customers (including support cases), and Customer Services knows everything we need to provide excellent service.

    Data Integration
    – Like many of our customers, we are always coming up with needs to analyze the data in our operational environments. Using our Replicator solution we replicate data into our data repository and make meaningful use of that data with Tableau. This includes data from our ServiceNow and Salesforce environments.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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