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How can I know before my end users that there is a problem with my integration?

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    AvatarKen Halford

    This is something that I recommend every customer does ASAP. As in do not pass go, do not collect $200….immediately start using this functionality.

    A typical thing I hear from my customers is “sometimes the integration has stopped working or there is a delay and I have no idea until my end users call me.” Of course it is not good to be caught off guard in this scenario. Is there something Perspectium can do about that? The short answer is yes, we have built this into the product and you only need to set it up.

    Here is a wiki article that goes into the necessary detail to configure queue monitor functionality in Perspectium. Each customer has a different “Normal” when it comes to queue size. It may take some trial and error to set the right threshold sizes. I recommend you set it high to start and then also follow the instructions in the article to set up queue history tracking. Once you have a couple of weeks of queue history on the dashboard you can determine the right size of threshold for your company’s “Normal” queue size.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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