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Eliminate or reduce the frequency of ServiceNow instance cloning

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    Zak Cole

    Cloning ServiceNow instances can be a very time and resource intensive activity. Often times we see customers that need to do this every few weeks. The need is to typically keep a non-production instance in sync with a production instance in terms of workflow, functionality and data. The effort involved to do this can be substantial due to the amount of manual work and rework to get things right. Inevitably something always goes wrong too.
    Most commonly you’ll clone from production to one or multiple sub-production instances.

    With Perspectium InstanceSync you can replicate the data you need/want in near real-time and always ensure that your sub-production instances have useful and relevant data for development, test or other non-production needs. You can even multi-plex the data (i.e. one to many) so that every insert/update in production gets replicated to as many sub-prod instances as you need. We call this a ‘Fanout’, and takes minutes for us to setup and configure with you.

    So stop disrupting your development and test cycles with excessive cloning, and use InstanceSync to keep your environments consistent.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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