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Configuring OAuth2 for SIAM

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    — Pre-requisites —

    Access Key = aAbBcC
    Secret Token = xXyYzZ
    Endpoint URL

    — Posting SIAM Messages in MBS —

    In order for OAuth2 to work in MBS, messages posted through SIAM queues (*) from ServiceNow must contain the @EndpointUrlPath attribute (specified in the outbound Table Map). Below is a sample SIAM message posted to a SIAM queue:

    {“topic”:”siam”,”type”:”common_request”,”key”:”dev12381″,”name”:”common_request.insert”,”attributes”:”EndpointUrlPath=/serviceRequests,cipher=3,customer=support/testuser,Number=RITM9414370…”,”extra”:””,”psp_timestamp”:”2019-10-24 16:17:02″,”value”:”{VALUE}”}

    Next comes specifying the Access Key & Secret Token in the PSP SIAM Endpoint record [psp_siam_endpoint]. We should create one similar to the one attached.

    As shown, every parameter must be prefixed with auth_field_ so they’re interpreted correctly by MBS.

    *** = Provided by customer.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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