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Adding Records to a Bulk Share

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    Zak Cole

    I recently had to share a large number of records to a database due to record deletion on the database side. ( long bad story about clones and QA data going to Production). I was able to pull a list of Sys_ids from the database and using the Export Set feature in ServiceNow, I was able to get a list of Sys_ids there too. A quick compare showed what Sys_ids needed to be added to a bulk share to push the data back to the database. I set a bulk share up and then in the Filter and Enrichment section, I checked the Share only Sys IDs listed check box. Rather than put the IDs in one by one, I used this background script to add them to the correct table:

    var share='<bulk share sys_id>';
    var array = [ 
    <insert comma seperated list of sys_ids here
    var gr = new GlideRecord('u_psp_bulk_share_sys_id');
    for(var i = 0; i < array.length; i++){
    gr.u_bulk_share = share;
    gr.u_record_sys_id = array[i];

    You can remove the gs.print if you don’t want to see that. You do need to have the bulk share setup first and grab the sys_id of teh bulk share in the first variable of the script

    Zak Cole

    That was for quick smaller lists. I later ran into tables that were missing 200k records. The script is not so good for that many. I created an import table and transform map that allowed me to populate the table a little quicker.

    Zak Cole

    Not sure is you’ve seen this documentation, but you can get discrepancy check using table compare

    And if checking between servicenow instances (InstanceSync), you can also generate a list of sys_id’s missing locally and automatically create a bulk share for it


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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