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ServiceNow Workflow Solutions

Try Perspectium’s ServiceNow Workflow Solutions For Workflow Automation

Perspectium’s workflow automation solutions for ServiceNow eliminate the need for manual integration processes to keep applications up to date and in sync.

Via eBonding integration, ITSM data points in one system are dynamically synchronized with another including:

  • Case/incident/issue updates
  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • And more!

Synchronize ServiceNow and other Leading Solutions

This allows ITSM data to flow freely, dynamically and bi-directionally between ServiceNow and systems including:

  • Autotask
  • AWS Support
  • Azure DevOps
  • Ivanti
  • Jira/Jira SD
  • Salesforce
  • other ServiceNow instances

Benefits of ServiceNow Workflow Automation:

  • Eliminate internal bottlenecks
  • Integrates multiple processes and tools
  • Minimizes the risk of error by eliminating manual data entry and processes
  • Eliminates redundant steps/processes, increasing efficiency
  • Automates the routing of requests, approvals, decisions, actions, etc.
  • Improves business scalability and boosts the value of existing investments

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What Makes Perspectium Different?

ServiceBond, Perspectium’s workflow automation solution is purpose-built to serve enterprises with massive data volumes, so they can connect their ServiceNow instance to various other ITSM solutions without degrading performance in ServiceNow.

No Performance Issues

Unlike typical standalone integrations, Perspectum’s automated integration solutions avoid web services (such as API/ETL) when integrating technologies with ServiceNow. This means Perspectium integrations do not impact ServiceNow’s performance.

No Custom Code or Maintenance

Perspectium is a true Integration as a Service (IaaS). We handle the integration from implementation to maintenance, freeing your internal teams to work on more proactive tasks.

Trusted by ServiceNow

Perspectium was created by the founding developer of ServiceNow, David Loo. As such, Perspectium has a deep understanding of the ServiceNow platform and we leverage this understanding as trusted, and officially recognized ServiceNow partners when delivering integrations. 

Our expertise is evident in the fact that ServiceNow themselves is also a Perspectium customer, relying on our Integrations-as-a-Service for its own internal requirements.

Transparent Pricing

The cost of an integration project is often under-estimated, leading to botched implementation and technical debt. Costs such as maintenance over time and the impact maintenance has on employee’s time and workload are hard to quantify. With Perspectium’s Integration as a Service solution you can rest assured … there are no hidden costs for integration - you get complete transparency into the integration processes and the project’s Total Cost of Ownership.

Overcome real-world business challenges with workflow automation

Organizations adopt workflow automation solutions like ServiceBond to boost efficiency and align multiple solutions and processes.

ServiceBond connects ServiceNow to other ITSM solutions (or ServiceNow instances) to create an automated workflow between them.

Also known as eBonding, this type of system integration allows employees to work within the solution they are most familiar with. Updates to one solution are dynamically replicated in connected systems in near real-time.

Extending workflow automation across critical and complementary enterprise solutions helps organizations enjoy increased productivity and reduced costs (i.e. reducing the amount of licences required per solution), and a smoother digital transformation process.

Synchronize ServiceNow and Other Leading ITSM Solutions

Perspectium is a no-code, native application that extracts ServiceNow data and replicates it to the target system.

This means organizations can keep ServiceNow dynamically and constantly synchronized with various ITSM and enterprise tools.

Perspectium enables dynamic/real-time and bulk data synchronization without API or web services coding.

Avoiding API means the solution does not impact ServiceNow performance, even when moving ridiculously large amounts of data.

Perspectium ServiceBond Diagram

We help many organizations integrate their ServiceNow data with the wider enterprise … including ServiceNow themselves!

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Benefits of Perspectium Integrations


Trusted, ServiceNow-Native Application

Perspectium is an officially recognized ServiceNow partner.

Perspectium works natively within ServiceNow. So, 3rd-party solutions (that are difficult to configure and maintain) aren’t necessary.


A True Integration as a Service (IaaS)

Many integration services simply offer an integration platform, leaving you to do the rest.

With Perspectium, our experts will implement and maintain the integration so you can use internal resources more  efficiently.


Protect Your Data Against System Failure and Outtages

Perspectium “queues” data transfers between systems.

So if there’s ever an issue with the target system, the data is not lost. It's secure - thanks to encryption - and queued until the target system is back online. Once online, the transfer can continue as usual.

the cloud

Take Advantage of the Cloud

Perspectium leverages the cloud to provide a highly-scalable and secure SaaS-based solution.


No-Code Integration Solution

As a ServiceNow-native application, Perspectium is as easy to use as ServiceNow.

You’ll interact with Perspectium via the ServiceNow interface you’re already familiar with. For the end-user, no integration expertise is required.


No API Calls, No Performance Impacts

Perspectium was purpose-built to avoid using API calls that impact ServiceNow performance.

This lets organizations automatically extract and replicate huge data volumes without slowing down query speed or delaying reporting.

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Perspectium is the go-to integration solution and service for ServiceNow clients, endorsed by ServiceNow themselves.