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Why You Should Outsource ServiceNow Integrations

Many organizations do not have sufficient internal resources to effectively implement and manage ServiceNow integrations. 

While no-code, pre-built integrations may save some time, most organizations must heavily customize and configure them to meet their requirements – a time consuming, and often complex process.

This infographic compares internally managed ServiceNow integrations, to outsourced ServiceNow integrations.  

Download the infographic to understand the differences and support your organization in making the right decision to meet its requirements. 

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What Makes Perspectium Different?

Perspectium differs from traditional data extraction and replication applications.

Our applications do not rely on external API/web services to extract and replicate ServiceNow data. Instead, Perspectium operates natively within ServiceNow, using efficient Push Technology to initiate data transfers and avoid performance degradation.

Extract and replicate massive amounts of ServiceNow data without impacting performance

ServiceNow integration experts implement integrations fast, with the average customer up and running in ~30 days

In-built audit and error checking ensures data gets to where it needs to be, when it's needed

Implemented and maintained by ServiceNow integration experts, with no internal maintenance requirements

Secure integrations protect data at-rest and in-transit with encryption and obfuscation capabilities

Watch the video to see how Perspectium differs from traditional data replication and extraction applications.

We help many organizations integrate their ServiceNow data with the wider enterprise … including ServiceNow themselves!

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The Perspectium Pedigree

Perspectium is a trusted partner of ServiceNow, providing a native application and integration as a service to connect ServiceNow to the wider enterprise.

Its pedigree is recognized by ServiceNow, who are customers, as well as partners of Perspectium. The ITSM organization uses Perspectium to facilitate its own integrations, internally. 

Created by the founding developer from ServiceNow David Loo, Perspectium leverages its expertise to create performance-impact-free ServiceNow integrations.

Leave it to the experts

Perspectium is a true integration-as-a-service, meaning your organziation is free from the burden of implementing and maintaining the integration.

The no-code solution works natively within the ServiceNow interface with which you are already familiar.