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Keeping Your ServiceNow Integrations Secure

Integration security is a crucial factor to consider when implementing a new ServiceNow integration.

While ServiceNow has high standards for security, the same cannot be said for all types of integration and integration service providers.

Because integrations typically involve taking data out of ServiceNow, data can be inadvertently exposed and/or accessed during the process. As such, for organizations where data security is a primary concern, the capability to secure integrated data both at-rest and in-transit is crucial.

What you'll learn

This white paper will help you understand the security risks associated with integrations, and the best practices, solutions and services to employ to mitigate them.

Highlighted topics include:

  • ServiceNow’s security standards and features explained
  • Types of integration and their security capabilities
  • How Perspectium protects ServiceNow user’s data
  • Perspectium’s commitment to security and privacy

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