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Extend ServiceNow Workflows to Other Apps, Teams & Third-Parties

How Many of These Boxes Can You Check?

Your service management processes don't live in just one application and they need to be connected

Your ITSM workflow needs to include your service providers, customers and/or suppliers

You are implementing DevOps or a SIAM approach in your organization and you need to connect the components

You need to connect ServiceNow with other tools, without having to build and maintain the integrations yourself

Different groups use different tools to deliver service management across your organization

Try as you might, your service management workflows don't entirely live in an instance of ServiceNow.


It's not uncommon for organizations to use multiple tools for service management - perhaps this is because your development team use a development tool to manage their processes; maybe it's because you work with third-parties that use (multiple) different ITSM tools; perhaps you have multiple teams delivering service management that are all using different products; and even if everyone uses ServiceNow, you still need to figure out how to connect your workflows together across instances and geographies.

Fortunately, Perspectium is the authority in ServiceNow workflow integration - for every business need. Our ServiceBond technology was created by the founding developer from ServiceNow (our CEO, David Loo), and it's simply the best way to reliably, bidirectionally connect ServiceNow workflows to other incident fulfillers, external teams and ITSM tools - without having to build and maintain it yourself, without impacting performance, and all from within a native ServiceNow app.


The ServiceBond Products

ServiceBond for Incidents

ServiceBond for Incidents/Cases

eBonds ServiceNow incidents/cases to:

  • Autotask incidents
  • AWS Support cases
  • Azure DevOps issues
  • Ivanti incidents
  • Jira/Jira SD incidents/issues
  • ServiceNow incidents/cases
  • Salesforce cases

ServiceBond for ITSM

ServiceBond for ITSM

eBonds ServiceNow IT processes to:

  • Jira SD incidents, problems, changes & requests
  • ServiceNow incidents, problems, cases, changes & requests


Extend ITSM Workflows

Extend into other apps,
teams and third-parties


Use Your Tools of Choice

Let your teams use their preferred
applications to do their jobs


Make SIAM Real

Enable real-time connectivity
with your suppliers and vendors


Enable DevOps Workflow

Connect your development tools to ServiceNow right out of the box


Automate the BIG Picture

eBond ServiceNow with the other apps playing a part in service management


Fully Managed Connectivity

Nothing for you to build or maintain
- we deliver a complete connection

Need to move data to data repositories too? No problem!

Check out our DataSync products here