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DataSync Express

"Unsilo" data from ServiceNow for business intelligence, archiving, migrations, training, reporting and more ... for free!


How Many of These Boxes Can You Check?

You have a directive to use an existing centralized reporting tool, team and/or data warehouse

Your non-ServiceNow colleagues can’t access the data they need for BI, machine learning or something else

You don't want to run large reports during the day due to the performance impact that has on ServiceNow

You don't have complete insight because you can’t merge ServiceNow data with data from other enterprise apps

You have compliance/governance requirements that demand auditable data snapshots

Getting data out of ServiceNow can be hard. It's not just a question of finding the data and exporting it - because you have to consider related items, attachments, work logs and supporting information like user and CI data. And then you have to consider the volume of data that you're exporting, and the potential impact that could have on your overall ServiceNow performance. And then you have to consider how confident you can be in the exported data - how will you ever know whether all the data you sent was received - or not?

Fortunately, Perspectium are the experts in ServiceNow data replication - for whatever your business need. Our DataSync technology was created by the founding developer from ServiceNow (our CEO, David Loo), and it's simply the best way to reliably, comprehensively extract ServiceNow data - without impacting performance. 


Perspectium DataSync Express

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  • Replicate data out of any TASK sub-table - incident, problem, change, request, & more
  • Delivered as a fully-managed product, complete with a cloud database
  • Extract ridiculous amounts of data without impacting performance
  • Configure and manage data replication from a ServiceNow application
  • Obfuscate data at the field level for enhanced data privacy
  • Transfer up to 5 million records per month

Certified ServiceNow App

A native ServiceNow application
means nothing new to learn


Use Your Tools of Choice

Use your own BI/analytics
and ML tools to view your data


Embedded Database Included

So you can start extracting
value from your data right away


Share ServiceNow Data

Give non-ServiceNow users
access to ServiceNow data

report 1

No Impact on Performance

Report without fear! Extract data
with zero performance impact


Have Confidence in Your Data

Be assured that your data is
exactly where you expect it to be

Need to move CMDB data too? No problem!

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