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Share customer intelligence across your organization

Ensure that you know everything about your customer - so that you can deliver better customer service and increased business opportunities


Ensure customer information is available ... everywhere that it's needed

Much of your customer data is already kept within your CRM tool - but it's likely that you also have relevant information in your customer support environment, in your development tool, in your ITSM application ... and that's just the start! Of course, employees in your customer support, development and IT teams would also benefit from being able to understand more about a customer. For example, perhaps the prioritization of customer enhancement requests might be influenced by the value of a customer or the impact on an impending sale.

Imagine if your sales teams had complete visibility into information about their customers - no matter where it was in the organization. They would no longer run the risk of being blindsided by outstanding customer support issues, and would have visibility into how any customer enhancement requests were progressing. Perhaps certain support requests could even trigger new sales opportunities in your CRM system if a customer was seeking functionality that required a new sale. Sharing customer information across your business helps everyone deliver a better customer experience. 

One View of the Customer

Give your entire organization visibility into your customers. Share information about sales opportunities, support requests, product enhancements, upcoming releases and more.

Perspectium ensures that your organization has a unified view of each of your customers - enabling you to deliver excellent customer service.

Stop Blindsiding Sales

When the sales team isn't aware of customer-impacting support issues, they instantly lose credibility and cause customer frustration. 

Ensure that your sales team have real-time visibility into anything that may impact their customer - so that they know exactly what's going on, and can provide a great customer experience. 

Improve Customer Orientation

With customer information available across the organization, you can enable your teams to make decisions from a customer perspective.

Perhaps your biggest customers get preferential customer support, or your development team prioritizes bugfixes based on contract renewals. Encourage customer-oriented thinking! 

By connecting these systems together, our customers tell us they are able to share valuable customer information that can be used to drive business and improve customer experience. Sales teams are fully aware of everything going on with their accounts, development teams better understand the context of enhancement requests, customer service teams have visibility into fixes that will impact a customer, and new sales opportunities can be uncovered and elevated to the right level to ensure that they are actioned. 

Only Perspectium gives you the real-time, bidirectional integration that you require to connect your customer-impacting applications in a meaningful way. Custom integrations only provide value for a single use case and require long-term maintenance, and batch data transfers don't guarantee that you always have the latest information to hand.


Sharing Customer Intelligence in Action

Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE) is a Fortune 500 company formed in the year 2000 to modernize markets. As the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, the company raises more capital than any other exchange in the world, driving economic growth and transforming markets. When a customer "contract" is closed in Salesforce, depending on the nature of the contract, a set of activities is kicked off to execute the contract, and some of those activities are handled by the Service Management team. ICE/NYSE leverages Perspectium to extend those workflows between Salesforce and ServiceNow.

What's in it For You?

  • Get all of your teams working more closely together without forcing anyone to change (or buy new) tools
  • Nothing for you to build or maintain - that's all part of the "service" part of Perspectium Integration-as-a-Service
  • Give people in your organization visibility into things that will improve their customer understanding

What's in it for Your Business?

  • Deliver a better customer experience by ensuring that everyone has clear visibility into the progress of work
  • Reduce outages by providing teams with ALL the information they need when they start working
  • Avoid lock-in of data, process and applications - retaining the agility you need for growth and innovation

Extend customer intelligence across your organization without forcing anyone to change their best-of-breed tools. By federating data and process across all the groups holding customer information, everyone is able to deliver an improved customer experience. Your teams continue to use the tools that they already work with - and Perspectium will interconnect everything at the process and data layers to ensure pervasive customer visibility.

For more information, click the Contact Us button at the top of the page, or call us on (888) 620 8880 - we would love the opportunity to show you how we can help deliver better sales and customer service.

Consistent Customer Intelligence at Virteva

Listen to Matt Miller explain how, using Perspectium, Virteva enhances service through an integration between Salesforce and ServiceNow.