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Implementing Data Replication and Service Integration Solutions

The course enables consultants to implement service integration workflow solutions for ServiceNow to ServiceNow, as well as data replications between ServiceNow and external relational databases.


This course starts with an introduction to the components of the Perspectium integration solutions and combines material from several of our Perspectium courses, such as Administrative Responsibilities and Troubleshooting. The participant receives exposure to service integration solutions involving additional endpoints.


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This training is intended for consultants and administrators who will be importing Perspectium Integration update sets, configuring properties, customizing integrations, and deploying the replicator agent.



The prerequisites for this class are basic understanding of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) or administrative and user knowledge of ServiceNow.

The students must register for two ServiceNow instances.



This course takes three days when included with the certification project.



The Partner Training for Implementers class covers the following:

  • Access to Perspectium resources available to you
  • Workflow and Perspectium components
  • Loading Perspectium update sets
  • Creating shared and subscribe queues
  • Creating dynamic and bulk shares
  • Subscribing to a queue
  • Writing before scripts
  • Creating and using table maps
  • Creating and using transformation maps and import sets
  • Configuring a SIAM ebonding integration for two ServiceNow instances
  • Troubleshooting and fine-tuning replication and subscribe performance
  • Installing and using the agent for replicating ServiceNow data to a database
  • Situations to use a repeater agent
  • Listing the steps in onboarding a customer or an MSP
  • Defining what Observer offers and what is takes to configure it
  • The workflow of Perspectium replication
  • The Perspectium roadmap

The class includes a technical requirements project for certification.