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Implementing a Data Integration InstanceSync Solution

This course enables customers to implement a solution to keep prod and sub-prod instances of ServiceNow, Salesforce, or Jira synchronized.

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This training is intended for Perspectium customers who will be installing the Perspectium Integration application, configuring the properties, and customizing the integration.



The prerequisites for this class are basic understanding of Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) or administrative and user knowledge of ServiceNow.

The students must register for two instances of the application to be synchronized.



The recorded presentations and lab exercises will take four to six hours to complete.



The ServiceNow InstanceSync class covers the following:

  • Accessing Perspectium resources available to you
  • The workflow and Perspectium Components for InstanceSync
  • Installing Perspectium Application
  • Configuring an InstanceSync integration
    • Creating shared and subscribe queues
    • Creating dynamic and bulk shares
    • Subscribing to a queue



Implementing a Data Integration InstanceSync Solution for ServiceNow

This knowledge article contains related course information and links to training recordings, slides, and lab exercises.