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Better Integrations for Better Service

CERN’s service management goals include simplifying the experience for their users, and optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of their services. To help meet these goals, CERN uses Perspectium for vital integrations.

Reporting of Services

CERN uses external companies for service needs, including those for cleaning, site security, and the service desk. CERN then uses its own service staff to monitor the quality of those services, creating “quality tickets” as controls and inspections that contribute to its services data. To analyze this data beyond the capabilities of the service-desk tool and to conclude how the services are performing, CERN needed to replicate the data from ServiceNow to an Oracle database for reporting in Pentaho.

With Perspectium now replicating that data, CERN runs the reports they need without creating costly performance impacts on ServiceNow. By having robust analytics at hand and newly available, CERN also created a data analysis task force to supply users with key analytics.


Training New Service Desk Staff

One of the services that CERN outsources is its service desk. Every five years, CERN seeks a company that meets their service desk requirements. Beyond the theoretical training, the agents of the new company engage in a couple of weeks of practical training in CERN’s service-management environment.

To avoid having trainees modify production data, CERN replicates a ServiceNow production instance to a ServiceNow training instance. Gaining vital practical experience, trainees then classify, prioritize, and answer real tickets without affecting the production data. After the “real” tickets are resolved in production, the trainees are also able to compare their activity with that of the service-desk staff that were experienced in the CERN environment.


Business Service Catalog Sync

The service catalog being at the center of all services, CERN needs its catalog to be current at all times—in production and everywhere else—with updates taking place easily and transparently. When developers build a new catalog item and create a ticket for a service, they need for the service to be identical in production. In addition, the production instance needs to share a new service or changed service to test and training instances.

Making use of dynamic replication with Perspectium, CERN automated these integrations, relieving its ServiceNow administrators from unnecessary manual exports and imports and saving critical resources.


To find out more about how CERN are using Perspectium to simplify the experience for their users and optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their services, check out highlights from the webinar, "Black Holes, Antimatter & Process Integration."