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Stories from CERN

In these short clips, David Martin, Africa Santos and Pablo Del Castro from CERN explain how they use Perspectium to get
visibility into the services that they provide to the scientists operating the largest particle accelerator in the world.

For access to the entire webinar, click here.

In this clip, Pablo talks about how they use quality management to enable reporting on services like cleaning, security, HR and more


In a more technical discussion, David explains how CERN monitor ServiceNow performance with Perspectium Observer


In this video, Africa discusses the ServiceNow architecture at CERN, and how Perspectium helps them connect it all together


David demonstrates how CERN replicate data for their training instance and also keeping their business service catalog in sync


Africa explains how CERN use Perspectium to replicate Service Desk records to aid them in training new service desk teams 


David demonstrates the metrics that CERN use to keep their ServiceNow instances performing with Perspectium Observer


Hear David Martin provide an overview of the CERN service catalog, and how they keep it up to date with Perspectium