In May, the Amazon Web Services team fought through the crowd to visit us at our booth at ServiceNow’s Knowledge18 event and talked to us about how powerful it would be to combine Perspectium technology with what they have to offer as the market-leading cloud computing platform provider. That got us thinking … and after a couple of follow-on meetings with AWS, and some late nights from our development team, we are now proud to announce two new offerings that combine the power of AWS and Perspectium – and we’ll be showing them off at the AWS re:Invent Marketplace Quad at the end of this month!

Leveraging Current AWS Usage

Of course, we’re already a big user of AWS – for the majority of our customers, Perspectium is hosted in AWS data centers, and so one of the most obvious use cases for us was around automating the setup and configuration of new Perspectium customers. So now, anyone in our operations team can get a new customer onboarded quickly, accurately and uniformly – that was a huge (internal) win for us!

On-demand Data Analytics

Then we turned to making integrations available through the AWS service catalog to allow AWS customers to create ITSM-linked cloud databases on-demand – enabling them to use reporting and BI tools to better understand and improve their service management processes.

Intelligent Incidents

And we didn’t stop there. By utilizing AWS Machine Learning, we were able to create a solution that “learns” from your ITSM data, and then uses that knowledge to provide suggestions for categorization, prioritization, assignment and more! By combining this learning with Perspectium’s ability to direct work to the right application/group, we ended up with what we call “Intelligent Incidents” – continually gathering wisdom from thousands of records to ensure that a ticket is correctly recorded, and directed to the right team. You can check out a demo of this amazing technology in action here.

Visit Us!

If you’re planning to attend AWS re:Invent later this month, make sure you come by and see us at the Perspectium booth at the Marketplace Quad in the Aria Hotel. We would like to hear about how you use AWS in your service management processes, and we would love to show you what we have built with Perspectium!

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