In a LinkedIn poll, we asked developers, “Which is the biggest problem you face as a ServiceNow developer?” Here are the results.

We are excited to have a conversation about the poll results in our upcoming event, How to Solve 4 Common Challenges for ServiceNow Developers.

“API error handling & security” – Attendees will have a great deal of interest in this biggest problem for ServiceNow developers. This challenge is in line with what we hear from those who have attempted to build their own ServiceNow integrations. Clearly, developers are looking for answers. So …

  • Why is this challenge so common?
  • What can developers do to overcome this challenge?

“Creating/promoting update sets” is the second biggest problem, according to this poll. Our upcoming discussion’s featured panelist, David Loo, has stories to tell about how update sets in ServiceNow came about in the first place – and lessons learned from this unique, first-hand account. 

“Reusing sample & test data” – What are people doing to generate sample and test data? How well is it working? Let’s share experiences.

Instance cloning – Why is this one further down the list? Is instance cloning mostly just a way of life that developers have now gotten used to?

Let’s discuss! Share your experiences, and we’ll share ours. Register to attend How to Solve 4 Common Challenges for ServiceNow Developers.

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